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Skincare Made For You

Montana Fibroblast is a proud partner of Skinmade (Germany).

Skinmade is the only company in the world that uses hyper-spectral measurements and AI technology to produce fresh and personalized skin care products as unique as your fingerprint.


In order to tailor the ingredients of skin care to you, biomarkers of your skin are measured, which includes corneometry, sebumetry and collagen. In other words, moisture and oil content of your skin.

This non-invasive, hyper-spectral measurement device reaches deep into the  layers of the skin and thus recognizing the current condition of your skin through the cells‘ ability to absorb light. Skinmade then uses its own artificial intelligence to interpret the measured data (skin values) and translates them into individual specific ingredients and concentrations. Through this process, we are able to create individual and personalized skin care made just for you!

As part of the digital production process, developed at the Fraunhofer Institute, your skincare products are freshly produced in Skinmade's production facility located in Stuttgart, Germany  then shipped directly to Montana Fibroblast.

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Skinmade's Ethos


Skinmade's products are made from raw, organic, and sustainable ingredients that have very high bio-availability, efficacy & excellent skin tolerance.

Skinmade never uses harmful ingredients such as parabens, silicones, and mineral oil.


For Skinmade's oil-based products (Cleansing Oils  and Protect & Care Sun Oil), only non-comedogenic, cold-pressed oils from controlled, organic cultivation are used. The (Problem Solver Serums) do not contain fragrances and are very suitable for sensitive skin types. Favorites for healthy, hydrated skin are two endogenous substances, hyaluronic acid and sodium lactate (found in the Balance & Care Moisturizer) and the natural ingredient aloe vera.

The dermatological basis for treating all skin problems is an intact skin barrier. Skinmade's personalized products, regulate the skin‘s moisture and surface lipids (acid mantle) and restore the skin‘s microbiome (bacterial colonization) to a natural balance. This allows the skin to regenerate and optimally fulfill its barrier function, and protection against external influences.

To learn more and receive your free skincare analysis, click the button and book your appointment today!

“Skinmade stands for skin care with the highest level of effectiveness. The skin receives exactly what it currently needs. No more, no less.”

-Dr. Lars Rüther, Founder of Skinmade

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